Print & Needle Designs

We sell what we love and hope you'll love it too! Everything you see can be customized, send us your ideas.

About Us

Emery and Michelle

Store Owners

Print & Needle Designs was founded after a Turtle (Emery) and Frog (Michelle) dreamed of living a different life. It began from a desire to enjoy what we do, and we love unique items and meeting local artists! Our shop is a collection of our favorite handmade crafts and home goods while providing a platform for local artists to display their talents within our supportive community. We love putting our minds together to create fun, current styles, deliver quality products, and adhere to the highest standards of customer service. We are friends, family, neighborhood artists, supporting each other and working together to bring ALL our dreams to life.

Why Choose Us?

When you purchase your favorite items from our shop, you'll be so happy...

But you will be even MORE happy to learn that your favorite item (the thing that brings you so much JOY) also supported a local artist, or paid for band camp, soccer cleats, or musical costumes and made someone else very HAPPY too.  Help us SPREAD SMILES!

Your purchase from our store is not only an original creation and a conversation starter that supports local families, we are a company that also cares about the community and giving back.  

We support minimal waste practices by creating dog/cat blankets from left over yarn and delivering them to local animal shelters. 

Every step, no matter how small can create a HUGE impact. And we firmly believe that no life is lessor than another.



Crystal Lake, Illinois